Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante

martinpesatDear and dear friends of nautical yachting and others,
Information has recently been received about the invitation of the Spanish Rotarians at the launch of the Volvo Ocean Race and Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante from 19 to 22 October 2017.
Because some members of our Fellowship have shown interest in this event, wife Helena has prepared a scenario of possible ways. We start thinking that if we are in Alicante, it will be good to stay there a little longer and make a program there. We both play golf, and because there are plenty of beautiful golf courses in the area, we’d like to play on them. Those of you who have not missed golf have the opportunity to discover cultural attractions, To spend time with the still warm sea.
This is not a classic trip with the CK, but rather a coordination and possible simplification of travel matters. Helena can also fly from other cities :).
Please forward the mail to potential candidates and especially feedback. It does not seem, but due to the holidays we have little time for the organization :).
All the health and nice summer wishes
Martin Pešat
Vice Commodore
Czech and Slovak Rotary fleet

Registration Form for the Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante in Spanish

Area 1 Meeting – Alicante 2017 Programme

RSW 2017 – addition to crews

martinpesatHello sailors!
Deadline Rotary Sailing Week 2017 (27th 5-3 6th 2017) is approaching and I know that many ships are already zabukovaná and crew are known.
Sometimes it happens that our action on other interested Rotarians and friends, which is not enough for the whole boat, eventually. they lack the captain. Certainly it would be a shame if they stayed on the shore …
So please all those who still have space on their ships and those who would like to join us and are not yet in no crew to make themselves known here in the form of comments (to contact).
It is possible that in this way we put together another ship!
All the best.

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Regatta Carniola

RegataCarniolaDear Commodores, Friends and Sailors,

Slovenian organizers of Rotary Regatta Carniola  has issued the invitation for the 9th International Regatta Carniola – see attached. The regatta will take place on May 27th until May 30th. The start will be on the island Murter (close to Zadar or Šibenik) in the Middle Dalmatia, Croatia. The sailing route will be to the islands of Kornati, one of most beautiful archipelago of Adriatic. This year we will visit really very good cultural sites and culinaric restaurants. We can expect many surprises and a lot of fun. We would be very glad, if we could host you or your fleet members!

The Invitation is attached, but you can find all information also on the regatta web site:  

There are application forms for sailors and for complete crew teams also booking of boats at .

Also the archive of photos from previuos regattas are published on one site here

As always we do promote the participation of individual sailors to join the mixed international crews, but there will be also limited possibility to hire own boats for national teams.Just hurry up, since the regatta is limited to 19 monotype boats. The limitation is due to the maximal capacities of the berths and restaurants.

Looking forward to see you there,

Sincerelly yours


Marko Murn

Regional Commodore for IYFR Balkans

[Attachment RotaryRegatta2017.pdf]

New Year’s speech

 jano3(translation from SK …

 Dear friends and dear Rotarians, yachtsmen,

Merry Christmas, a great deal of peace and love in the circle of coming very strong health and every success. New in 2017, all the very best.

I would like to take this opportunity to give you some suggestions to the debate on how to further develop the activities of Rotary our fleet so that we ourselves were both satisfied, they spend time together so that it is for all of us mutual enrichment. The enrichment of our friendship and the creation of new relations, enlargement Rotariánstva.

Some possible topics for discussion:

– Participation in cruises in other regions – Greece, Caribbean, etc ….
– Participation dream Rotary regatta in Zadar ??
– My old dream – launching cooperation with Polish Rotarians and cruises on the Masurian Lakes
– Inclusion of exchange students, or our, Rotarian children to RSW, respectively. prepare them program- basic sailing training, along with the Poland in the sailing bases
… Try to think, discuss with your loved ones, write to web, what would you still wondering where to guide our joint activities ….

Your Commodore – Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet

Jan Babic

[Full version of the New Year’s speech.]

Contribution to magazine Rotary Good News

martinpesat  Rotary mariners have negotiated in Slovak Paradise.

Rotary members are formally grouped according to their interests and hobbies in Rotary Fellowships. Historically, the first Fellowship Our district is Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet (fleet). It is a real association of sailors – Rotarians founded by the rules RI, respectively. International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR).
14 to 16 10th 2016, the fleet of sailors met – of Rotarians and their friends in a hotel in Slovak Paradise. In the evenings besedovali about past voyages future activities, we listened to stories and watched movies Richard unique Konkolského. Favorable weather Saturday all went up on ladders and Ferat beautiful Slovak Paradise. Many thanks for the perfect organization of the meeting include the Commodore of John Babic and his friends.
The main outcomes of the meeting:
• 7th Annual Rotary Sailing Week will be the 27th 5-3 6th 2017 in the central Adriatic. On Tuesday, 30. 5. 2017, all the crew meet in Zadar. The main goal is to establish personal contacts with Croatian Rotarians – yachtsmen. Thursday, 1. 6. 2017, everyone will see again in the wire where together we will discuss the activities of the fleet.
• The primary means of communication for members of the fleet becomes There can be traced to what we did, what we intend, contacts and other information needed.
Yachting fans among Rotarians – do not hesitate and join us! Let us know directly of John Babic ( or Martin Pešat ( or Honzovi chalupa (

26. 10. 2016
Martin Pešat, RC Ostrava, Vice Commodore of the fleet

(translation from CZ …

Richard Konkolski’s exhibition in Komorni Lhotka

janchalupaRichard Konkolski’s exhibition in Komorni Lhotka

I was at the opening of the exhibition Richard Konkolski in the Komorni Lhotka on which we invite you in a recent post and I want to share with you my impressions.
But first let’s look at a few photos that I have included into photoalbum on the web. Because as we know, “To see once is better than to hear a hundred times.”

As you can see, it was CROWDED. I met some old friends – yachtsmen from northern Moravia, Jarda Korytář, Maruška Šupová and must not forget our Fleet Vice Commodore Martin Pešat. When looking at Richard, Richard’s photos and many other showpieces, such as torn Czechoslovak flag to circumnavigate the globe around, admiral anchor or the original genoa from NIKE I … I’ve remembered the time when I, too, at the NIKE plowing waters of the Adriatic. It was in 1989, still on the so-called  “foreign currency promise” and then in 1990, it already after the Velvet Revolution, when till that time forbiden world, seas and oceans opened the czechoslovak sailors. Yes it was a beautiful time, because we were young and not consumable.
But more about that some other time I write on our website
Jan Chalupa

(translation from Czech ….