Fleet meeting in Velke Pavlovice

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, a fleet met at the Baraque Wine Gallery in Velké Pavlovice. Present were: (from the left Jirka Sýkora, Honza Chalupa, Rado Simon, Ondra Tuma, Víta Peczi, Pavel Benda, Jara Benda, Jano Babic, Bob Krempek, Martin Pešat …. and Michael Wolf , however he is missing in the picture).


The most important point of the joint negotiation was the confirmation of RSW 2018:

  • The term RSW 2018 was set after the discussion on May 26 – June 2, 2018.
  • Area of voyage: southern Adriatic
  • The Fleet Meeting will be on Mljet Island on May 29, 2017. The exact location will be specified. During the meeting, handover will take place – rotation of functions in the fleet.
  • The cruising program for RSW will be provided by Ondřej Tůma.

An invitation was invited by Marko Murna to the participation of individual sailors from our fleet to the Carniola Cup organized by Slovenian and Croatian Rotarians / Yachtsmen on the date: 26.5. – 29.5.2018. Unfortunately, this term conflicts with the term of RSW 2018.

[Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet meeting record… HERE]

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