Participation in IYFR PCC

We gave honor to the beautiful ladies at the Post Convention Cruise

The Rotary Convention in Hamburg included an extraordinary event for Rotarians – sailors: The Post Convention Tall Ship Cruise 2019. The cruise on Tall Ships in the Kiel Bay was organized by the German Rotarians in the IYFR (International Yacht Fellowship of Rotarian). my – Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet. Every sailor melts his heart by looking at the beautiful old sailboats. Therefore, we did not hesitate for a long time and decided to participate in the cruise. Unfortunately, the seats in the cabins on Tall Ships were quickly sold out. So we rented a standard yacht and decided to make a beautiful lady garde . We spent an unusually warm yacht week in the Baltic, attended the Wellcome Party on the main Tall Ship named Artemis, made contacts with other fleet sailors and eventually escorted the fleet on her next voyage. Part of our crew also participated in the Farewell Party in Kiel.
We sailed under the leadership of the historically first commodore of Honza Chalupy fleet, Bob Křempek, an ever-smiling, seconded by an experienced lifeguard Lukáš Ženatý, followed, wrote and photographed the current commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, Martin Pešat. Our wives watched over us, jealous of the beautiful sailboats around us…

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

RSW 2019 – Welcome

Rotary Sailing Week 2019

It seems incredible, but the 9th annual weekly sail of many Rotarian ships on the Adriatic – Rotary Sailing Week 2019 – is ahead of us. This was due to attendance at the Hamburg Convention and the Post Convention Cruise. Rotarians, Naval Captains, Sailors and Sailing Yachtsmen – Beware! This year, Rotary Sailing Week in Croatia takes place from 14 to 21 September 2019 in the Middle Adriatic. All crews will meet on Murter on Tuesday, September 19, 2019. More detailed instructions will be available at and at FB Rotary Sailing Week.
If you are interested in joining us (individuals or crews) do not hesitate to contact me directly ( or anyone in the fleet.

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

The fleet flag

The commodore fleet flag flew higher than usual

Posting ship flags at sea is a great science, but it is always true that the flag does not go higher than a few meters above sea level. And so it occurred to me that our commodor flag could enjoy a trip to the heights. It didn’t take me and I took it with me to the summit of Lobuche East (6,119 m) to the Himalayas. In addition, I have found traces of the activities of Nepalese colleagues (Gorakshep, Mt. Everest, 5,140m).

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

Invitation to Rotary Sailing in Greece

MarkoMurnDear friends,

 Last September on the IYFR Area-1 AGM at Portsmouth you had showed the interest to go sailing to other Seas within an International Flotilla organized by the hosting IYFR Fleet. We said to try it first in Greece. And here is the first invitation to you !

 Our IYFR friends from Serbia, RC Beograd-Skadarlija have been practicing such a week of Rotary sailing for 6 years already. This year they organize it in the wonderful sailing area of Greek islands in Ionian Sea. Second week in September. Imagine: a hedonistic week with Rotarian friends in a warm Mediterranean Archipelago with a typical Greek atmosphere; Sailing; enjoying Sun; having Fun. Unforgettable. Take a look at Youtube link how much Fun they had last year .

 The details of the Flotilla invitation are attached. The issue is just the time for booking the charter boats that are negotiated for a special discounted prices. So, please, do forward the invitation to all your fleets, and send your interest already in next days to the Flotilla Commodore, Djordje Hinić. Discounted charter prices are fixed until End January, your latest bookings we expect until End February.

 Looking forward to meet you in September on the Sea,


 Marko Murn

IYFR Balkans Regional Commodore


Christmas cards

martinpesatDear friends, yachtsmen,

the end of the year is approaching, and I believe that in 2019 there will be a lot of beautiful common experiences. I remind people interested in cruising in the Post Convention Cruise (from Ostrava at least one ship) to contact me. Remember also the unusual term Rotary Sailing Week: 14. – 21. 9. 2019.

I was told by Jesus that he has a lot of work this year and does not miss … This is why the gifts do not give us the deadline but send a link to heaven: so that we can look forward to J.

I wish you and your loved ones peaceful Christmas holidays and good luck in the new year.


Martin Pešat

Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet Commodore


ROTARY Regatta on the Mazury Lakes


On the 17th – 20th May 2018, we participated in the regatta on the Mazury Lakes in northeastern Poland. The crew that represented our Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet were:

Bob Křempek – Captain, an expert on the Mazury Lakes, treasurer and secretary of our fleet … and he also held a cashier on the ship, the speaker – his Polish is almost perfect – RC Opava

Honza Chalupa – skipper, trimer and tactician – he raced on sailboats during his youth, which was good – RC Ostrava

Lukáš Ženatý – an indispensable crew member, as he says: “we would not go without me” – also RC Ostrava

It raced for 2 full days in rainy but also sunny sailing weather. The wind blew persistently strong. One crew has even overtaken Maxus 24, which is hardly visible. We were successful. First day of placement: 4, 4, 8. We have improved the second day: 3,3,2,6. Eventually, it was 3rd in the Maxus 24 category in which 11 ships competed. Since we participated in this regatta for the first time, and our rivals were experienced sailors from Poland and Lithuania, it was a great success and also a big surprise. Not only for them, but also for us :-).

Finally, the perfect organization of the whole regatta must be highlighted not only in terms of sport but also in terms of social. This was already the 16th regatta anniversary . The organizers were the Rotary Club of Gizycko and the IYFR Fleet Gizycko under the auspices of the Governor of the Rotary District 2231 – Jerzy Marian Korczynski.

For us, the organizers are very grateful. We left with conviction and promise to return next year. It’s worth it.

It was written in a hurry before leaving for our RSW 2018 by

Honza Chalupa

RSW 2018 – 1st. information

martinpesatPreliminarily, we should meet on May 29, 2018 (Tuesday) evening on Mljet. Our commodore, Jano B., will shortly go there to pick the right convoy. Perhaps he will come back in time and let us know :-).

For better co-ordination, please allow all captains to send me the basic details of the place of departure, the considered voyage and the crew by mail ( I also welcome any suggestions on the joint program.

In order not to interfere with mails, I will only communicate with captains, to those who ask for it. Please let the captains send me the current phone number and the reliable mail.

All best

Martin Pešat, Vice Commodore

Czech and Slovak Rotary fleet

IYFR Area 1 Meeting and VOR in Alicante


Jan Chalupa and his wife Inka under the IYFR and Rotary flag 

Dear friends,

a few more words, observations, or rather images from a meeting of European fleets in Alicante:

  • For me personally, the opportunity to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race start was such a great experience that I wrote an article for the Yacht magazine. The article titled “S Rotary at the start of the Volvo Ocean Race” was released as part of a VOR report in magazine Yacht 12/2017.
    copy of the article  … sorry, it is Czech only
  • Rado Simon has made many wonderful photos. I have allowed myself to make the best choice for you.
    photo gallery Rado Simon
  • Of course, our friends from Poland have not missed the chopping in Alicante – a very large group headed by Piotr Pajdowski. He also sent me 1.5 gigabytes of great pictures. Again I chose the best of our best for our site.
    photo gallery Piotr Pajdowski, regional commodore of East Europe

Rotarians at the start of Volvo Ocean Race


Radoslav Simon, RC Bratislava International

(“Google” translation of the article in Rotary Good News 06/2017)

IYFR (International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians) is the largest and oldest fellowship, associating Rotarians in relation to yachting and boats. It is organized into 3 areas (EMEA, Ameriacas, Asia & Pacific) and smaller regions and even smaller fleets. Even in our 2240 depression, since 2015 there is a Czech-Slovak fleet. His current commodore is Ján Babic from RC Banská Bystrica Classic.

Officials and fleet members meet each year at “Area Meeting” to discuss their yacht plans together and share their experiences. This year’s meeting had a special bonus in Alicante, Spain. We were able to take part in the launch of one of the world’s most challenging yacht races – the Volvo Ocean Race. Since 1973, every three years professional yachting teams have been relegated to stage races around the world. Originally under the name Whitbread Round the World Race (according to the then sponsor – the British Whitbread brewery), since 2001 the Volvo Ocean Race. Regardless of the name, they are always tens of thousands of nautical miles across the oceans under the most difficult conditions.

This year’s Volvo Ocean Race is attended by 7 VOR65 crews (20m long). Over 50,000 miles are waiting on the Alicine – Lisbon – Cape Town – Melbourne – Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Auckland – Itaja – Newport – Cardif – Gothenburg – Hague route, including southern seas (winds around 100km / just above zero and “horizontal rain”), Cape Horn and below. In addition, 11 port regiments are waiting for them to be ready for viewers at break points. The ships are expected to be at the end of June 2018. I am very glad to be able to take part in this amazing event together with the founding commodor of our fleet – Jan Chalup of RC Ostrava (and his wife, my wife and daughter).

Our fleet 2240 has been organizing for several years the Rotary Sailing Week – a yachting week with joint activities in the waters of “our sea” – on the Croatian Adriatic. The fact that Rotarian yachts and their friends are still growing is witnessing a rising number of participants. This year, we were over 80 at a joint dinner in Vodice. The closest Rotary Sailing Week is scheduled for 26.5.-2.6.2018.

For those who want to learn more about the Volvo Ocean Race and also about the activities of IYFR, I recommend visiting: