Virtual Fleet Meeting

As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, did not allow to organize a regular annual “inland” fleet meeting, it was decided and organized by commodore Rado Simon the virtual conference (on the BlueJeans platform). The conference took place

ON 13.11.2020 AT 18:00

Participants: B. Kratochvíl, M. Pešat, J. Chalupa, B. Křempek, L. Ženatý, J. Bazala, F. Kocian, M. Detko, P. Benda, F. Stank, R. Konkolski, R. Simon , ie 12 members of the Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet.

In the online discussion for RSW 2021 the date was confirmed: 30.5. – 5.6.2021 and area: northern Adriatic with a probable meeting of participating ships and crews in some “suitable” bay on the island of Silba or Olib.

In the next part, several suggestions were made for the future direction of the fleet’s activities. For example, support for young beginning yachtsmen of the Optimist class or the organization of a video conference on the topic of “Pastic Free Waters” and others.

The program of the virtual meeting of the fleet culminated in a lecture by Richard Konkolský – a legend of Czechoslovak sea yachting. You can watch the presentation “live” HERE …. .