Invitation to a meeting close Danube

Invitation to a traditional fleet meeting in the interior

Date: 12.11. (Friday) – 13.11.2021 (Saturday)

Place: Yachter Club “Modrá Čajka” – Bratislava-Čunovo. Yachter Club is located near the dam of the original Danube on the Gabčíkovo waterworks.

Accommodations: Accommodation is possible on site (see link above), alternatively at Hotel Ponteo, which is about 8 km away from the venue.

Program – Friday evening:
– CZ / SK fleet condition
– the future of fleet
– Rotary Sailing Week 2022 (preliminary 28/5 / 2022-4 / 6/2022)
– Rotarian fleet activities – ideas
– PR fleet – web, rotafloat, RGN, …
– Evaluation of RSW 2021, discussion

Program – Saturday morning:
free program depending on the weather. It is possible to rent motor boats (see link above) and take a cruise on the Danube. Alternatively, it is possible to take a tour of the Gabčíkovo waterworks.

RSW 2021 – meeting despite Covid

After a one-year break, caused by the situation around Covid-19, the traditional meeting of yachtsmen – Rotarians of our district – took place again at the turn of May and June 2021. The meeting, which was originally planned for the beginning of June 2020, was attended by 8 boats from Moravian and Slovak clubs (no Czech club has joined us yet). Many of us had ships booked and paid for last year and we managed to postpone reservations for this year.

As we moved this year’s meeting further north than in the past, all ships sailed from Pula – 6 ships (including 2 catamarans) from the Veruda marina and 2 ships from the ACI Pula marina. The crews were different – single club and mixed from several clubs, purely men’s and composed of couples, purely Rotarian, and mixed with non-Rotarians. Members of 3 different clubs, including a former exchange student, even met in one of the crews.

As the weather forecast promised “boron” in the Kvarner area at the beginning of the week, captains Honzo Chalupa (RC Ostrava), Fero Kocian (RC Žilina), Tibor Kočvara and Reth Košábek (RC Martin), Bohuš Kratochvíl (RC Banská Bystrica), Bob Křempek (RC Opava), Martin Pešat (No. IYFR) and Rado Simon (RC Bratislava International) had a difficult decision ahead of them – where we will float.

Due to the fact that we planned a joint meeting for Tuesday evening in the home marina of most ships in Veruda, some crews finally decided to combine the northern route (direction Rovinj, Poreč, Novigrad) and the southern part in the second half of the week. However, some of the crews tested their sailing skills (and stomachs) in the Kvarner area, which caused some to fail to return to a joint meeting, which was eventually attended by 5 crews – about 30 Rotarians. After a short welcome and securing the most important thing (dinner,), the flag and insignia of the IYFR commodore – Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet – were handed over a year late. They were taken over by the current commodore Radoslav Simon from the rear commodore Martin Pešat. This was followed by dinner, an exchange of experiences, as well as further acquaintance with members and non-members of the Rotary 2240 clubs.

Since this was already the 10th meeting of the yachtsmen of our district, the only thing we regret is that no crew from the “Czech meadows and groves” has joined us. The next planned meeting will be “terrestrial” (probably sometime in November), where we also plan all activities and dates for 2022. More information about the activities of the yachting fellowship can be found at:

Rado Simon, RC Bratislava International

Virtual Fleet Meeting

As the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, did not allow to organize a regular annual “inland” fleet meeting, it was decided and organized by commodore Rado Simon the virtual conference (on the BlueJeans platform). The conference took place

ON 13.11.2020 AT 18:00

Participants: B. Kratochvíl, M. Pešat, J. Chalupa, B. Křempek, L. Ženatý, J. Bazala, F. Kocian, M. Detko, P. Benda, F. Stank, R. Konkolski, R. Simon , ie 12 members of the Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet.

In the online discussion for RSW 2021 the date was confirmed: 30.5. – 5.6.2021 and area: northern Adriatic with a probable meeting of participating ships and crews in some “suitable” bay on the island of Silba or Olib.

In the next part, several suggestions were made for the future direction of the fleet’s activities. For example, support for young beginning yachtsmen of the Optimist class or the organization of a video conference on the topic of “Pastic Free Waters” and others.

The program of the virtual meeting of the fleet culminated in a lecture by Richard Konkolský – a legend of Czechoslovak sea yachting. You can watch the presentation “live” HERE …. .

Participation in IYFR PCC

We gave honor to the beautiful ladies at the Post Convention Cruise

The Rotary Convention in Hamburg included an extraordinary event for Rotarians – sailors: The Post Convention Tall Ship Cruise 2019. The cruise on Tall Ships in the Kiel Bay was organized by the German Rotarians in the IYFR (International Yacht Fellowship of Rotarian). my – Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet. Every sailor melts his heart by looking at the beautiful old sailboats. Therefore, we did not hesitate for a long time and decided to participate in the cruise. Unfortunately, the seats in the cabins on Tall Ships were quickly sold out. So we rented a standard yacht and decided to make a beautiful lady garde . We spent an unusually warm yacht week in the Baltic, attended the Wellcome Party on the main Tall Ship named Artemis, made contacts with other fleet sailors and eventually escorted the fleet on her next voyage. Part of our crew also participated in the Farewell Party in Kiel.
We sailed under the leadership of the historically first commodore of Honza Chalupy fleet, Bob Křempek, an ever-smiling, seconded by an experienced lifeguard Lukáš Ženatý, followed, wrote and photographed the current commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, Martin Pešat. Our wives watched over us, jealous of the beautiful sailboats around us…

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

RSW 2019 – Welcome

Rotary Sailing Week 2019

It seems incredible, but the 9th annual weekly sail of many Rotarian ships on the Adriatic – Rotary Sailing Week 2019 – is ahead of us. This was due to attendance at the Hamburg Convention and the Post Convention Cruise. Rotarians, Naval Captains, Sailors and Sailing Yachtsmen – Beware! This year, Rotary Sailing Week in Croatia takes place from 14 to 21 September 2019 in the Middle Adriatic. All crews will meet on Murter on Tuesday, September 19, 2019. More detailed instructions will be available at and at FB Rotary Sailing Week.
If you are interested in joining us (individuals or crews) do not hesitate to contact me directly ( or anyone in the fleet.

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

The fleet flag

The commodore fleet flag flew higher than usual

Posting ship flags at sea is a great science, but it is always true that the flag does not go higher than a few meters above sea level. And so it occurred to me that our commodor flag could enjoy a trip to the heights. It didn’t take me and I took it with me to the summit of Lobuche East (6,119 m) to the Himalayas. In addition, I have found traces of the activities of Nepalese colleagues (Gorakshep, Mt. Everest, 5,140m).

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.