Invitation to Rotary Sailing in Greece

MarkoMurnDear friends,

 Last September on the IYFR Area-1 AGM at Portsmouth you had showed the interest to go sailing to other Seas within an International Flotilla organized by the hosting IYFR Fleet. We said to try it first in Greece. And here is the first invitation to you !

 Our IYFR friends from Serbia, RC Beograd-Skadarlija have been practicing such a week of Rotary sailing for 6 years already. This year they organize it in the wonderful sailing area of Greek islands in Ionian Sea. Second week in September. Imagine: a hedonistic week with Rotarian friends in a warm Mediterranean Archipelago with a typical Greek atmosphere; Sailing; enjoying Sun; having Fun. Unforgettable. Take a look at Youtube link how much Fun they had last year .

 The details of the Flotilla invitation are attached. The issue is just the time for booking the charter boats that are negotiated for a special discounted prices. So, please, do forward the invitation to all your fleets, and send your interest already in next days to the Flotilla Commodore, Djordje Hinić. Discounted charter prices are fixed until End January, your latest bookings we expect until End February.

 Looking forward to meet you in September on the Sea,


 Marko Murn

IYFR Balkans Regional Commodore