IYFR Area 1 Meeting and VOR in Alicante


Jan Chalupa and his wife Inka under the IYFR and Rotary flag 

Dear friends,

a few more words, observations, or rather images from a meeting of European fleets in Alicante:

  • For me personally, the opportunity to participate in the Volvo Ocean Race start was such a great experience that I wrote an article for the Yacht magazine. The article titled “S Rotary at the start of the Volvo Ocean Race” was released as part of a VOR report in magazine Yacht 12/2017.
    copy of the article  … sorry, it is Czech only
  • Rado Simon has made many wonderful photos. I have allowed myself to make the best choice for you.
    photo gallery Rado Simon
  • Of course, our friends from Poland have not missed the chopping in Alicante – a very large group headed by Piotr Pajdowski. He also sent me 1.5 gigabytes of great pictures. Again I chose the best of our best for our site.
    photo gallery Piotr Pajdowski, regional commodore of East Europe

Rotarians at the start of Volvo Ocean Race


Radoslav Simon, RC Bratislava International

(“Google” translation of the article in Rotary Good News 06/2017)

IYFR (International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians) is the largest and oldest fellowship, associating Rotarians in relation to yachting and boats. It is organized into 3 areas (EMEA, Ameriacas, Asia & Pacific) and smaller regions and even smaller fleets. Even in our 2240 depression, since 2015 there is a Czech-Slovak fleet. His current commodore is Ján Babic from RC Banská Bystrica Classic.

Officials and fleet members meet each year at “Area Meeting” to discuss their yacht plans together and share their experiences. This year’s meeting had a special bonus in Alicante, Spain. We were able to take part in the launch of one of the world’s most challenging yacht races – the Volvo Ocean Race. Since 1973, every three years professional yachting teams have been relegated to stage races around the world. Originally under the name Whitbread Round the World Race (according to the then sponsor – the British Whitbread brewery), since 2001 the Volvo Ocean Race. Regardless of the name, they are always tens of thousands of nautical miles across the oceans under the most difficult conditions.

This year’s Volvo Ocean Race is attended by 7 VOR65 crews (20m long). Over 50,000 miles are waiting on the Alicine – Lisbon – Cape Town – Melbourne – Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Auckland – Itaja – Newport – Cardif – Gothenburg – Hague route, including southern seas (winds around 100km / just above zero and “horizontal rain”), Cape Horn and below. In addition, 11 port regiments are waiting for them to be ready for viewers at break points. The ships are expected to be at the end of June 2018. I am very glad to be able to take part in this amazing event together with the founding commodor of our fleet – Jan Chalup of RC Ostrava (and his wife, my wife and daughter).

Our fleet 2240 has been organizing for several years the Rotary Sailing Week – a yachting week with joint activities in the waters of “our sea” – on the Croatian Adriatic. The fact that Rotarian yachts and their friends are still growing is witnessing a rising number of participants. This year, we were over 80 at a joint dinner in Vodice. The closest Rotary Sailing Week is scheduled for 26.5.-2.6.2018.

For those who want to learn more about the Volvo Ocean Race and also about the activities of IYFR, I recommend visiting: