RSW 2019 – Welcome

Rotary Sailing Week 2019

It seems incredible, but the 9th annual weekly sail of many Rotarian ships on the Adriatic – Rotary Sailing Week 2019 – is ahead of us. This was due to attendance at the Hamburg Convention and the Post Convention Cruise. Rotarians, Naval Captains, Sailors and Sailing Yachtsmen – Beware! This year, Rotary Sailing Week in Croatia takes place from 14 to 21 September 2019 in the Middle Adriatic. All crews will meet on Murter on Tuesday, September 19, 2019. More detailed instructions will be available at and at FB Rotary Sailing Week.
If you are interested in joining us (individuals or crews) do not hesitate to contact me directly ( or anyone in the fleet.

Martin Pešat
Commodore Czech and Slovak Rotary Fleet, z.s.

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