Richard Konkolski’s exhibition in Komorni Lhotka

janchalupaRichard Konkolski’s exhibition in Komorni Lhotka

I was at the opening of the exhibition Richard Konkolski in the Komorni Lhotka on which we invite you in a recent post and I want to share with you my impressions.
But first let’s look at a few photos that I have included into photoalbum on the web. Because as we know, “To see once is better than to hear a hundred times.”

As you can see, it was CROWDED. I met some old friends – yachtsmen from northern Moravia, Jarda Korytář, Maruška Šupová and must not forget our Fleet Vice Commodore Martin Pešat. When looking at Richard, Richard’s photos and many other showpieces, such as torn Czechoslovak flag to circumnavigate the globe around, admiral anchor or the original genoa from NIKE I … I’ve remembered the time when I, too, at the NIKE plowing waters of the Adriatic. It was in 1989, still on the so-called  “foreign currency promise” and then in 1990, it already after the Velvet Revolution, when till that time forbiden world, seas and oceans opened the czechoslovak sailors. Yes it was a beautiful time, because we were young and not consumable.
But more about that some other time I write on our website
Jan Chalupa

(translation from Czech ….

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