Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante

martinpesatDear and dear friends of nautical yachting and others,
Information has recently been received about the invitation of the Spanish Rotarians at the launch of the Volvo Ocean Race and Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante from 19 to 22 October 2017.
Because some members of our Fellowship have shown interest in this event, wife Helena has prepared a scenario of possible ways. We start thinking that if we are in Alicante, it will be good to stay there a little longer and make a program there. We both play golf, and because there are plenty of beautiful golf courses in the area, we’d like to play on them. Those of you who have not missed golf have the opportunity to discover cultural attractions, To spend time with the still warm sea.
This is not a classic trip with the CK, but rather a coordination and possible simplification of travel matters. Helena can also fly from other cities :).
Please forward the mail to potential candidates and especially feedback. It does not seem, but due to the holidays we have little time for the organization :).
All the health and nice summer wishes
Martin Pešat
Vice Commodore
Czech and Slovak Rotary fleet

Registration Form for the Annual Meeting Area1 in Alicante in Spanish

Area 1 Meeting – Alicante 2017 Programme

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